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Hey there! My name is Morgan Cheatham and I’m a Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners focused on healthcare and life sciences. I’m also pursuing my medical training at Brown Medical School with a focus on bioinformatics research.

I primarily write to learn in public. On this blog, I tackle a wide range of topics in healthcare, life sciences, startups, and venture capital. I’m also part of the 5-person writing collective, Decoding Bio. From time to time, I also host virtual events for startup founders and CXOs in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

I’m most active on Twitter and also respond to messages on LinkedIn.

Here are some of my most popular articles:

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Demonstrating Outcomes as a Care Delivery Company

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Bessemer’s 10 Laws of Healthcare

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Morgan Cheatham

vice president @ bessemer, MD candidate @ brown, bayesian (he/him)